Block Blitz® Pro Original - Block Paving 1KG

Block Blitz® Pro Original - Block Paving 1KG

Block Blitz® Pro ‘The Original’ is the perfect environmentally-friendly cleaner for block paving, concrete paths and patios.


Each 1kg pouch of Block Blitz® Pro ‘The Original’ is enough to treat a 50m2 area (the equivalent of 5 car park spaces).  Please ensure you select the correct number of pouches to treat your surface.


What is Block Blitz®?

Block Blitz® is a unique powder-based barrier detergent made from a dynamic mineral and plant-based formula. It has been scientifically engineered to retain a high pH without being caustic. Any synthetic chemicals used have been carefully selected so that the finished products have a lower impact on the environment. Block Blitz® is at the forefront of the next generation of outdoor cleaning products.

Using SOFT WASH TECHNOLOGY™ to lift dirt and grime, Block Blitz® can be simply mixed with water, applied and left to wash away naturally. Benefitting from a mineral and plant-based formula, Block Blitz® is the only paving treatment on the market to offer a unique non-toxic solution to cleaning paving. Incorporating a bespoke barrier detergent, Block Blitz® goes on to repel dirt following initial application, as well as deterring algae, moss and weed growth. Block Blitz® is the only paving treatment to incorporate UV protection and can be used all year round, not just in spring and summer.


Key Points

  • Block Blitz® is a self-cleaning block paving detergent (a powder) made from a powerful mineral and plant-based formula
  • Block Blitz® is the only product in the UK which has been designed to specifically clean and protect block paving
  • Block Blitz® utilises soft wash technology (no physical or mechanical action is needed for the barrier detergent to work)
  • Block Blitz® incorporates BLOCSHIELD PROTECTION™ which repels dirt and grime
  • Block Blitz® is not a weed killer, however with continued use, will deter up to 90% weed growth and up to 99% moss growth
  • Block Blitz® is 100% non-abrasive, contains no bleach, acids or biocides and is biodegradable
  • Block Blitz® keeps on cleaning and protecting for up to 6 months
  • Can also be used on patios, paths and driveways
  • 1 x 380g pouch is diluted into 10 litres of cold water and covers 15sqm of paving, approximately one and a half car parking spaces
  • Winner of 2 prestigious industry awards, one for best new product in Chemicals and Fertilizers and one for best British new product


Please Note:

Block Blitz® may leave a white residue. Rainfall will gradually wash this away. Block Blitz® is not a one-off cleaning product. The Block Blitz® solution is made from a powerful mineral and plant-based BARRIER DETERGENT™ which has been designed as a treatment system to gradually clean and protect block paving. Include Block Blitz® as part of your yearly outdoor maintenance programme.



Wear suitable gloves and eye protection. Wear suitable clothing and footwear. Keep children and pets off area until dry.


Application Guidelines: Apply to surface 1-2 times per year. Always apply to a dry surface. Do not apply if rain is forecast within next 24 hours. For surfaces that are in poor condition, apply a second treatment four weeks after the first application.



Pre-fill tank with required quantity of cold water. Turn on agitator/pump. Carefully open the required amount of pouches and slowly pour powder into the tank. Powder will start to dissolve. Allow 10 minutes for solution to mix before commencing spraying.



Measure out required quantity of cold water into tub or bucket. Carefully open required amount of pouches and slowly pour into tub/bucket whilst stirring. Stir and allow to dissolve for at least 5 minutes, then decant into chosen applicator.



Fill a 25 litre watering can with cold water. Carefully open one pouch and pour into watering can. Stir for at least 1 minute before applying. Apply solution to evenly saturate the surface area. Always apply to the surface at highest point to control run off. Excessive run off could damage grass and plants.


BE PATIENT: Allow rainfall to rinse your paving. Block Blitz® will gradually start to transform your paving. Please note Block Blitz® will not restore the colour of weathered paving. Block Blitz® has a slow secondary cleaning effect and will help prevent the re-growth of algae and moss for months afterwards. Block Blitz® will also clean jointing material helping to deter future weed growth. Any newly emerging weeds can be spot treated with a standard weed killer. However, the more you use Block Blitz® the more paving joints become resistant to weed growth.