Our Classic range of line markers follow the traditional style of wheel-to-wheel line marking machines, but with modern manufacturing methods.

This machine is made to a demanding specification from the best quality materials available.

The Classic Mini is extremely easy-to-use and popular with amateur and professional groundsmen alike, ranging from grassroots, all the way up to Premier League clubs & World Cup stadia.


  • The Classic Mini is a wheel-to-wheel marker that applies paint by transferring paint to the grass via 3 transfer wheels.
  • Only for use on natural grass surfaces like football pitches or rugby pitches.
  • The Classic Mini has a 100mm (or 4 inch) line width.
  • 14-litre central paint reservoir capacity with curved outer rim for limited splash or spill.
  • Manufactured by hand at Pitchmark headquarters in Bristol, UK.
  • Supplied with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard* (* register online).
  • The Classic Mini allows you to mark over 2 full size football pitches from it's 14 litre central paint reservoir.
  • Weighs approximately 25kg when boxed


Main benefits of the Classic Mini transfer wheel line marker include:

  • UK design and engineer - a perfect alternative to lower quality foreign imports.
  • Powder-coated to the highest standard - no rusting!
  • Extended wheelbase - ensures accurate line marking.
  • Low maintenance - line marking paint can remain in the bucket until the next pitch marking.
  • Solid puncture-proof wheels offer consistently smooth operation on any grass surface.


Classic Mini Wheel-to-Wheel Line Marker