Tildenet Germination Sheets are specially designed to speed up germination for faster growth, helping to guarantee good seed germination. They can considerably improve the quality of your pitch at a fraction of the cost of re-turfing.


• Available for hire or purchase

• Suitable for large or small grass areas

• Grass germinates in days

• Saves on seed and labour

• Gives uniform grass coverage

• Protects seed from wind, birds, frost and scorching

• Creates a Micro-Climate

• Germination sheets allow UV rays, air and water to penetrate the surface. The heat and moisture are then retained which helps to double the speed of germination and grass growth.


Sizes available:
4m x 250m 
8.5m x 250m 
12.75 x 250m 
Other sizes available on request. 

Economy Germination Sheet