Gronamic Golf High K is the perfect product to use where lower N and higher K are required towards the end of the growing season. Its balanced mineral and organic nutrients provide readily available and slow release nutrition


Gronamic Golf High K delivers sustained nutrition to the turf plant through the growing season and high K levels for the autumn period.  The supply of all key macronutrients and iron allows for a healthy plant, great turf colour and resilience from wear. The balance of mineral and organic components provides the benefits from both approaches of turf nutrition. Supplies carbon and a balanced C:N ratio to the soil / rootzone.


  • Ideal for autumn fertilizer applications
  • Low nitrogen levels for slow growth periods of the year
  • High potassium to support the plant in periods of stress
  • Great granulation means low application rates possible
  • Combination of ammonium, urea and organic nitrogen sources
  • Polyhalite mineral included to supply Ca, Mg & K for healthy growth
  • Plant-based organic component

Gronamic Golf High K 5-0-22

  • Ideal for greens, greens surrounds, outfields, greens collars & approaches, lawn tennis, tees, fairways, stadia pitches, sports pitches, outfields, lawns and racecourses/gallops