Gronamic Sport High N delivers sustained nutrition to the turf plant through the growing season. The supply of all key macronutrients and iron allows for a healthy plant, great turf colour and resilience from wear.


The balance of mineral and organic components provides the benefits from both approaches of turf nutrition. Supplies carbon to the soil/rootzone.


  • Apply to dry foliage
  • Water in if no rain falls within 1-2 days after application
  • Irrigation or rainfall will assist dispersion and minimize risk on close mown surfaces
  • Avoid applications during frosty or drought conditions
  • Delay cutting or grooming for 2 days after application to allow product dispersal

Gronamic Sport High N 16-3-6

  • Ideal for greens, greens surrounds, outfields, greens collars & approaches, lawn tennis, tees, fairways, stadia pitches, sports pitches, outfields, lawns and racecourses/gallops