Liquid formulation containing phosphite and garlic to help reduce the risk of disease activity.


Contains: Potassium phosphite including N 0.15%, P 25.00%, K 20.56% + Garlic at 0.7% w/v or 0.5% w/w.


The formulation contains potassium phosphite to help fortify the plant against pathogenic attack of the foliage and the roots. Suppression of minor root pathogens can help encourage the development of a strong and healthy root system, which is a key ingredient to strong, healthy and wear tolerant turf.


•    Designed to help protect the plant
against disease activity

•    Systemic action
•     Can be used as part of an integrated disease management strategy
•     Peak Performance is tank-mixable with a wide range of products


Tank-mixing Instructions:

General tank-mixing advice should be followed - do not leave in the spray tank over night, do not exceed individual product rates. Agitate well when mixing two product together, spray immediately after mixed.

Peak Performance

  • Suitable for use on all types of turf