Used for overseeding worn areas/patches on all fine turf areas. The rotary slotter unit will not tear up the surface and correct depth is obtained by the rotary stops at each end of the slotter reel. The static units can also double as 'tampers', with their heads removed. The spiker units are also used for aeration.


By providing a flat bottomed slot at the correct optimum depth of 1/2" (13mm approx), the seed 'turns' during the rapid germination period of less than 7 days.


Moisture in the soil is better absorbed by the seed, encouraging stronger root growth, within a protected environment.


Most of the seed employing the traditional surface application method is simply wasted. Birds, washing, lack of moisture and low spots account for huge failures in germination.


It is now supplied with a 6ft removable handle, which can be cut down to the required working length.



• Very inexpensive when comparing against seed wastage

• 50% less seed required

• No need to close down play with no loss of amenity

• Much stronger and healthier

•User friendly and simple to store

Seed Slotters & Spikers