Sierrablen 38-0-0 has enough controlled release Nitrogen to allow continuous growth for 4 – 5 months. It contains a controlled release NPK and a low amount of readily available Nitrogen. This Nitrogen is only release during proper growing conditions; helping to pre-stress condition the plant.


  • Controlled Nitrogen release for 4 – 5 months constant growth
  • Nitrogen released only when growing conditions are good
  • Helps pre-stress condition of the plant
  • Controlled NPK, low initial Nitrogen release gives immediate response
  • Gets plant reactions even in low temperatures
  • Good for base feed at low rates, compatible with other nutrients if needed

Sierrablen (4-5 months) 38-0-0

  • Ideal for greens surrounds, outfields and racecourses/gallops.

    Also suitable for tees, fairways, stadia and sports pitches, and lawns.