Improved rooting with recycled phosphorous.  Pearl® Technology blends a unique, recycled, slow release phosphorus into our premium controlled release fertilizers.  Provides significantly increased rooting and more efficient nutrient use over traditional phosphorus sources.


Sierrablen Plus with Pearl® Benefits

• Controlled release Poly-S nitrogen with 3+ month longevity for strong turf response

• Root activated, slow release phosphorus for increased rooting

• Contains Polyhalite with K, CaO and MgO

• Includes recycled nutrients N, P and MgO

• Earlier harvest time when used in turf production


The Pearl® Process

Sierrablen Plus with Pearl® Technology incorporates Ostara's Crystal Green.  Crystal Green is sustainably produced and is the first continuous-release fertilizer to provide Root-Activated­­­™ phosphorus.  Crystal Green is recovered from wastewater utilising a unique process which allows recovery of a pure struvite granule 5-28-0 +16MgO.  Crystal Green's unique mode-of-action releases phosphorus, nitrogen and magnesium, only in response to organic acids produced by growing roots.  As the roots produce organic acids, the granules release phosphorus, fertilizing the plant on demand, all-season long.  As plant demand increases, phosphorus demand increases.  This reduces the environmental impact caused by excessive leaching and run-off of nutrients into adjacent waterways. 

Sierrablen Plus Pearl® Renovator (3+ months) 11-11-5

  • Ideal for stadia pitches, sports pitches and turf production.

    Also suitable for golf tees, racecourses or gallops, lawns, cricket table and lawn tennis.