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GPS Line Marking Service

Providing premium GPS line marking services nation wide.


Turfix offer a unique UK-wide initial line marking service using Pitchmark's LineMaster.

The LineMaster is an advanced system which incorporates GPS and GLONASS satellite guidance together with an advanced actuator, to produce perfectly straight lines without strings.

This service will allow you to save a great deal of time when it comes to marking out pre-season or in the busy sport changeover periods, allowing your staff to focus on more skilled tasks.

Contact us today using the form below to request a quote.  Remember, customers purchasing from Turfix currently are applicable for up to 50% off their Turfix GPS service.

GPS Quote



"The service that The Kings School, Chester received from Stephen at Turfix was first class.

From the moment he is given the ok to come and do the work he keeps in contact with you to make sure he does the work in the time that suits.


There is never any hassle when he comes onsite; he is always friendly and helpful giving out advice on marking and sorting out any issues we may have with our markers.






The marking of the pitches that he does is always spot on and done very efficiently.


I can’t rate him highly enough for how much he has made pre-season marking such a stress-free job.


I would recommend him to anyone and have him back anytime to do work here."

Neil Smith, Facilities Supervisor (Grounds) - King's Chester School

We've also completed GPS line marking at the following:

Are you a sports turf contractor looking to expand your service offerings?

We are looking for regional agents around the UK to offer GPS line marking services on behalf of Turfix.

There are a host of benefits available to you including:

• Unlike other GPS line marking systems, you can own the LineMaster outright, which qualifies as a depreciable asset.

• Marking out no longer requires 2 or 3 operators.  The LineMaster can be operated by one person.

• The LineMaster GPS system can be up to 4x as quick as stringing out, freeing up your staff to bring extra revenue in.

• Ongoing support from Turfix, plenty of training from the manufacturer and an extensive warranty.

• With the LineMaster you’re able to budget accurately and efficiently with fixed paint pricing for up to 3 years.

Interested?  Contact us today to find out how the LineMaster can help change your business.

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