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Exceptional sports turf facilities require the perfect gear to complement them! At Turfix, we offer Duralock's high-quality sports pitch fencing, suitable for football, rugby, cricket and more.

Take a look at our diverse range below, or feel free to contact us at 03333 580505 if you have any specific requirements not visible here.

*Please note, the listed pricing structure for Duralock sports pitch fencing is calculated on a per metre basis and excludes gates, end posts, corner posts and installation fees.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements for a full in-depth quotation.

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Grants towards ball retention systems, pest control fencing and boundary fencing and gates.

Duralock FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Duralock Sports Pitch Fencing


What is Duralock Sports Pitch Fencing made of?

Duralock Sports Pitch Fencing is made from PVCu, with at least 80-91% of the material being recycled from old windows. This sustainable choice combines strength, durability, and low maintenance.


What fence do I need for my level of football?

Steps 1-4 in The National League System (NLS) – require the Double Mesh fence to pass the FA pitch grading.

Steps 5 and below – are advised to have Half Mesh or Post and 2 Rail fencing.


Where is Duralock Sports Pitch Fencing manufactured?

All Duralock products are proudly made in Britain, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and supporting local manufacturing.


Are the Duralock Sports Pitch Fencing products approved by governing bodies for sports like football, cricket, and rugby?

Yes, all Duralock products are backed by governing bodies such as RFU (Rugby Football Union) and FA (Football Association). They meet the rigorous standards required for these sports.


What are the key benefits of Duralock Sports Pitch Fencing?

Duralock fencing provides excellent shock absorbance, UV protection (no peeling or warping), and is much safer than metal fencing. It's flexible, durable, and can withstand extreme weather conditions without warping or rusting.


Can Duralock fencing be recycled?

Yes, end-of-life Duralock fencing can be recycled and store-credited at its recycled value, contributing to sustainability efforts. This value fluctuates, so you will need to get a quote when you need to replace it.


Do you offer bespoke fencing solutions to meet specific requirements?

Yes, we can accommodate bespoke requirements to tailor Duralock fencing solutions to your unique needs. Contact us to start your bespoke quote today.


Is there a minimum order quantity for Duralock Sports Pitch Fencing?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for Double Mesh, Half Mesh, and Post and 2 Rail fencing is 50m.

MOQ for Picket fencing is 30m.


Can claiming pest control improve your chances of securing funding for pitch fencing?

Yes, claiming pest control and pitch protection as a part of your fencing project in addition to crowd control and safety can enhance your eligibility for funding opportunities.


What is the cost of installation for Duralock Sports Pitch Fencing?

The installation cost for Duralock Sports Pitch Fencing is £27 per meter via select contractors. However, you can fit Duralock fencing yourself, ensuring you follow the installation specifications to maintain the 15-year warranty. Contact us for more information on installation.


How much does delivery cost for a full pitch worth of Duralock fencing?

Duralock fencing projects are individually tailored, and the delivery cost will be customised to match the specific requirements of your project. Given the varying sizes and unique characteristics of each order, we do not provide a standard, 'one-size-fits-all' shipping cost. Please contact us to request a personalised shipping quote and initiate your project.


What is the guarantee period for Duralock plastic fences?

All Duralock plastic fences come with a 15-year guarantee, ensuring they will remain in excellent condition throughout their lifespan.


How is Duralock Sports Pitch Fencing safer than other fencing materials?

Duralock's PVCu construction features smooth rounded surfaces and concealed fixings, eliminating sharp corners and splinters that could cause harm to athletes, players and spectators.


Can Duralock plastic fences withstand extreme weather conditions?

Absolutely, Duralock PVCu fences can withstand extreme heat to freezing temperatures without warping or losing durability.


How sustainable are Duralock Sports Pitch Fencing products?

Duralock is committed to sustainability by using recycled PVCu and maintaining in-house recycling systems. Their products are designed to be the most sustainable PVCu fence option on the market while maintaining high performance and quality.