Our ground-breaking LineFix System has been engineered to conveniently remark sports pitches, such as football, rugby, and cricket. LineFix was provided to the twelve stadiums in Brazil for the World Cup in 2014 and is esteemed as the ultimate ground marking system on the market.

This product utilises a sequence of ‘sockets’ placed into the turf using the LineFix installation key. The sockets are distributed around the outer perimeter of the playing area to ensure that play will not be obstructed.

By connecting a line between two of the sockets, you can accurately string out your pitch in record time. With LineFix, marking and re-marking a sports pitch is just a walk in the park.


These sockets get installed by screwing them into the ground just below the surface, the sockets remain in place all season, allowing you to string out with complete accuracy week after week.


When it comes to marking the pitch, simply insert these into the sockets and string between them for a perfectly straight line quickly, and easily.

Mowing Pins

These pins are designed to sit flush with the playing surface, enabling you to string out mowing bands without interfering with your mower.

Installation Key

This key fits into the sockets allowing you to screw them into the playing surface. This also provides added security to your sockets as they cannot be removed by hand.

Socket Covers

These covers help to keep your sockets clear and visible. By inserting into the sockets between uses, you will help prevent dirt or debris from filling up your socket.

Starter Kit

  • 30 x Sockets
  • 6 x Pins
  • 1 x Installation Key
  • 1 x Carry case