Line Marking

As part of The Pitchmark Group, Turfix supplies a full range of line marking paint and equipment from leading manufacturer Pitchmark.

The range includes concentrate and ready-to-use pitch marking paints, transfer wheel-to-wheel markers, spray markers and a variety of linemarking accessories.

Used at clubs, stadia and schools around the world, our line marking products are the choice for sports turf professionals at the highest level including several Premier League football clubs and EURO 2016 France.

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Line Marking Paint


Our range of line marking liquids from Pitchmark includes a selection of concentrate dilutable paints, advanced low-volume ready-to-use paints, artificial grass paints and aerosol spray paints.

Several of these products are also available in a variety of colours.  Scroll through the range below, or contact us to find out more!


Line Marking Machines

Our range of Pitchmark line marking machines are all manufactured by hand here in the UK from premium materials.  The Eco and Classic markers are supplied with a 3-year warranty, whilst the unique Hybrid comes with a lifetime warranty.  


Line Marking Accessories

Aside from paint and machines, we also provide a range of line marking accessories from manufacturers like BMS and Pitchmark.  The range includes bespoke logo stencils and the unique LineFix socket system,