Grass Seed

ProSelect turfgrass seed blends have been specifically created to produce the highest quality turf. Each blend enables turf managers to optimise their courses and grounds, saving time and lowering costs to ensure playing surfaces offer the best experience for users.

Each variety has been developed through extensive breeding by ICL and its international partners to bring the most advanced, up-to-date material to the market. This synergy helps guide the continuous development and improvement of our blends.

ProSelect products are formulated with the best varieties available in our extensive portfolio and are independently tested to ensure outstanding levels of quality and germination. Country-specific blends are available to ensure the best results even through regional variation, and all blends are backed by local technical support teams, making them a dependable choice for professionals.

ProSelect Seed

Turfix is a key supplier of ICL's ProSelect grass seed range, including premium-quality perennial ryegrass, creeping bent, chewings fescue, slender creeping red fescue and browntop bent cultivars.