When it comes to protecting turf and managing landscape areas, ICL’s range of plant protection and control products provides the majority of the tools you’ll need in your armoury.

Powerful, fast-acting herbicides teamed with proven, effective solutions for turfgrass pests and the leading range of fungicides providing preventative, curative and eradicant action, all ensure you stay in control.

Our unique and flexible range of wetting agents and dew dispersants are designed to optimise water/moisture management.

In liquid, granular and tablet form, these wetting, water conservation and dew dispersant products have been developed to fit into your existing water management strategy. Using patented technology, the range offers preventative and curative products suitable for wet and dry conditions, with the flexibility for application at any time of year.


Turfix offers the range of professional Syngenta fungicides via ICL.  The range includes contact and systemic active ingredients for preventative, curative and eradicant actions on turf grass diseases like microdochium patch (fusarium patch), anthracnose, dollar spot, brown patch, take-all patch, leaf spot, type-2 fairy ring and rusts.