Our Brands

Here at Turfix, we've made the decision to never compromise when it comes to quality.  This is reflected in our choices of key manufacturers and partners including Pitchmark, Harrod Sport, ICL, Tildenet Sport and BMS.

Scroll through the below to find out a little more about the brands we can offer.


Since their inception in 2010, award-winning family business Pitchmark has bloomed into one of the world's leading brands of line marking products.

Pitchmark's range of UK-made paints and machines are used by groundsmen around the world, and were supplied to every stadium at FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil and EURO 2016 France.

The Pitchmark product range consists of advanced ready-to-use and concentrate paints, transfer wheel markers and spray machines like the unique Hybrid.

As a part of The Pitchmark Group, Turfix is the exclusive distributor of Pitchmark's line marking products in the UK.