Gronamic Allround  is a high organic component organo-mineral fertilizer perfect for supplying nutrients and organic matter to sports surfaces and landscape areas. Its balanced mineral and organic nutrients provide readily available and slow release nutrition.


Gronamic Allround delivers sustained nutrition to the turf plant through the growing season. The supply of key macronutrients allows for a healthy plant, sustained turf colour and resilience from wear. The balance of mineral and organic components provides the benefits from both approaches of turf nutrition. Supplies carbon and a balanced C:N ratio to the soil / rootzone.


  • Supports plant growth through the growing season
  • Combination of ammonium, urea and organic nitrogen sources
  • Sustained nutrient release
  • Organic component supplying C to the soil

Gronamic Allround 10-4-5

  • Ideal for greens, greens surrounds, outfields, greens collars & approaches, lawn tennis, tees, fairways, stadia pitches, sports pitches, outfields, lawns and racecourses/gallops