The Pitchmark LineFix system is a unique and innovative ground socket system, specifically developed to aid in the remarking of sports pitches on natural grass surfaces.

LineFix is perfect for line marking on winter sports pitches like rugby and football, as well as for cricket wickets. LineFix is also suitable for pitch mowing bands amongst other uses.

Installed by screwing into the ground just below the surface, the sockets remain in place all season, allowing you to string out completely accurately week after week.


What is the Pitchmark LineFix system?

The Pitchmark LineFix System is a unique and innovative product specifically developed for the re-marking of sports pitches including football, rugby, cricket and many more.  Available with orange, blue, yellow and white sockets, Pitchmark's LineFix is the ultimate pitch marking system and was supplied to all 12 stadiums for the Brazil World Cup in 2014. 


How the LineFix marking system works?
The Pitchmark LineFix ground marking system works via a series of ‘sockets‘ manually installed into the pitch with the installation key.  Each socket is situated in a location where the user will string a line from one point to another, for example on either side of the half way line on a football pitch.  All sockets are located on the outside parameter of the pitch so as not to interfere with play. 


LineFix has benefited customers by:

• Being time efficient - no time spent trying to find lost lines! LineFix stays in the ground until removed with the key.

• Being removable - with end of season renovations, the LineFix can be easily removed with the key without unnecessary damage to the pitch.

• Accuracy - the most bespoke, accurate and user-friendly line marking system in the world. Choose LineFix to ensure pitch dimensions stay accurate, time after time.

• Delivering high accuracy every time unlike alternative ground marking devices, the LineFix is installed on the exact point where groundstaff need to re-mark from.


The LineFix starter kit consists of:

• 30 x Sockets

• 6 x Pins

• 1 x Installation Key

• 1 x Carry case

•Refill packs of sockets or pins are also available.


There are many different ways to mark out a sports pitch, depending on size, number of staff etc.

For a full list of pitch layouts, please contact us.


As well as marking the pitch, LineFix can also be used for pattern lines when cutting a pitch. Different colour sockets make it easier to recognise which sockets are installed for pitch marking and which are installed for the pattern lines.

LineFix Starter Kit Orange