Transfer is a simple and cost-effective line marking paint, designed to be used neat through any traditional transfer line marker.  We use extra thickeners to make Transfer easy to stick to the wheel and apply.

Ready to pour into the machine before marking, it is the perfect paint for clubs with wheel-to-wheel marker and limited time.  It can also be diluted up to 1:1 if required, which can be useful in the warmer months when cutting regularly.

Popular with amateur sports clubs, this paint still provides the groundsman with highly satisfactory results.  Our research has shown that a large number of grassroots clubs purchase emulsion paint from hardware stores such as B&Q.  Transfer is competitively priced and we guarantee that it will last longer on your pitch than emulsion.


• For use on natural grass surfaces like football pitches, rugby pitches or running tracks.

• Designed for use with any transfer wheel line marker available.

• Ready-to-use neat, simply pour and go. Can also be mixed with water at 1:1 if required.

• Supplied in 10 litre HDPE containers.

• 16kg per 10 litre container.

• Possible to mark up to 2 standard football pitches from each 10 litre container.

•Water-based, biodegradable and environmentally-friendly product.


  • Natural grass